New Bosanska Gradiska Border Crossing will have 12 Lanes (video)

The second phase of works on the construction of the Bosanska Gradiska border crossing was completed a few days ago.

Construction of the transit and customs terminal costs some 22.4 million BAM.

Earlier, the border crossing is removed from the city center and is now located on the motorway Banja Luka – Bosanska Gradiska.

In the first stage, the preparation of terrain and all engineering works were completed, while in the second stage facilities for customs and border police, border veterinary inspection facilities, sanitary facility, facility for a detailed inspection of trucks, buses and passenger cars and control cabins were constructed.

The border crossing Bosanska Gradiska has six entrance and six exit lanes, 70 parking lots for motor vehicles at the entrance to BiH and 30 parking spaces for motor vehicles at the exit from BiH.

It is important to note that the traffic will not be fully utilized until the crossing over Sava River is ensured. There is also a tendering procedure for the construction of an interstate bridge over the Sava River, which will completely divert the traffic from Bosanska Gradiska, Klix reports.


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