New Construction Season could bring almost twice as many Construction Sites in Bosnia


According to the Agency for Statistics of Bosnia- Herzegovina, the new construction season could bring almost twice as many construction sites, given the number of building permits issued.

Specifically, in November 2019, the number of anticipated dwellings for construction is up 98.3% over the number of anticipated dwellings for 2018, while it is up by as much as 120.3% compared to November 2018.

Republika Srpska had a problem with the submission of data from administrative sources. Now that they have completed all the data, in the November report we received such data and the situation is as it is, was stated briefly from the BiH Agency for Statistics.

According to the index of building permits issued in November 2019, residential and low-rise buildings will be the most constructed, while the least permits will be issued for the construction of non-residential buildings.

Building permits issued by type of works for November 2019 indicate that a total of 351 structures will be worked, of which 297 will be new construction.

These data were obtained on the basis of monthly reports on approvals for the construction of government bodies and local self-government.

As explained by the Agency for Statistics, data on issued building permits show the future movement of construction activity and enable an overview of the investment structure at the state and local government levels, EKapija business portal reports.

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