New Respiratory Center opened for Covid Patients in Sarajevo

Sarajevo University Clinical Center (in Bosnian: KCUS) on Friday opened the Special Respiratory Center of the Clinic for Anesthesia and Resuscitation for extremely severe Covid-19 patients in the area of old surgery.

This Center has 23 beds and has already filled more than 85 percent of its capacity. We are working on expanding the capacity for another 21 beds, which would mean that the capacity would be 44 beds, and in the next seven to ten days we would make an additional expansion in the area of the transfusion center for another 23 beds, as was announced by the KCUS.

The capacity of the Center and the entire KCUS with 20 percent would be available to the co-founding cantons. The four co-founding cantons would each get 22 beds for the most severely Covid-19 patients. The remaining beds are available to patients from Canton Sarajevo (CS).

KCUS management is constantly working these days on the establishment of this Center together with the complete staff, they emphasize from this health institution.

According to the KCUS director, prof. dr. Sebija Izetbegovic, the situation with the Covid-19 epidemic is dramatically worsening.

“The pressure on KCUS is gravely growing, so I am asking the citizens to be disciplined so that we can provide a full service to those who need it. We are afraid of a sudden inflow of a large number of patients because we have an increasing number of infected employees as well as those in isolation. The situation with the SARS-Cov 2 virus is extremely serious and we expect the Crisis Staff of the CS to take adequate measures in order to protect citizens, ” dr. Izetbegovic stated.

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