Nextbike City Bicycles officially put into operation!

13334513_1777467329156610_85972154_oSarajevo has now become part of a large Nextbike community, which provides the most favorable prices, the greenest, healthiest and most fun way of transportation to citizens all over the world.

All users who register in Sarajevo, for only 20 BAM per year, will be able to use Nextbike city bikes not only in Sarajevo but also in more than 100 cities in the world, where this system exists.

The opening ceremony took place yesterday in front of the Municipality Novi Grad where the initiators of the project briefly presented the system, demonstrated how to use the bike and allowed the first ride on the bike trail on the section from the Municipality of Novi Grad to Pool Otoka.

“We are very happy and proud that we managed to implement this project in Sarajevo and thus allow our fellow citizens to use city bikes for the symbolic price and enjoy the 30-minute ride for free every day,” said the Director of the agency Supermarket, Ahmed Cerimovic.

Besides numerous media representatives, the conference was attended by some celebrities: actors Mustafa Nadarevic, Senad Basic and Muamer Kasumovic (known as family Fazlinovic from the popular soap opera “Lud, zbunjen, normalan”) and musician Laka, who tried Nextbikes among the first.

Nextbike bicycles are now available at six locations in Sarajevo: Alta Shopping Center, Importanne Center, Ziraat Bank in Zmaja od Bosne Street 47, the Municipality Novi Grad, Sports center Safet Zajko and hotel Radon Plaza.

To rent a bike, all interested users must first register in the system, and they can do it on the website, mobile applications “nextbike” on Nextbike terminals or in offices of BIHAMK and Duhanpromet newsstands.

Nextbike system of city bikes is one of the most widely used system of this kind in the world.



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