Nikšić and Čamber Visited Construction Site Of “Parents’ House” and Donated 80,000 BAM

parents housePrime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Nermin Nikšć, Minister of Labor and Social Policy of BiH Vjekoslav Čamber and Representative of the FBiH Parliament and Representative of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus Jasmina Zubić visited today the construction site of the Parents’ House for children suffering from cancer and their parents at the Jezero Pediatric Clinic for whose construction the Government approved 80,000 BAM.

Prime Minister Nikšić said that this donation of the FBiH Government for building the Parents’ House does not represent anything spectacular and that people who are fighting these diseases and fates are the true heroes.

He added that with the construction of the Parents’ House, a huge step was made in that direction and he emphasized that he will, together with Minister Čamber and other colleagues in the Government, try to help even more.

Minister Čamber said that he has no doubts that this project, for its quality and significance will have adequate support of the Ministry in the future.

Managing Director of the Clinical Center of the University in Sarajevo Damir Ajanović emphasized that the institutions, which is aware of the circumstances of the children and their parents, should put at disposal the land for constructing the Parents’ House in the location of the Jezero Clinic.

“Donation of the FBiH Government will greatly help in the construction of this facility which will have a basement, ground floor and three floors and 10 suites, playrooms, classrooms and supporting facilities, and whose presence in the immediate vicinity of the Cancer Division will be invaluable for children and parents,” Ajanović said.

He also added that the next significant strategic goals of KCUS is the construction of the hospices for children and parents in the locality of Ilidža within the former stationery Physiatrists Clinic for which some conceptual designs were already made.

Chief of the Hematological Department of the Pediatrics Clinic Edo Hasanbegović specified that they received around 50 to 60 new cases from the Federation BiH and the eastern part of Republika Srpska and their success rate is on a European level amounting to 80 percent.

Representative of the FBiH Parliament and Representative of the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus which launched the initiative for awarding the donation, Jasmina Zubić said that this s one fo the most humane projects in BiH currently and thanked the FBiH Government for the approved funds and the Association “Heart for Children Suffering from cancer in FBiH”.

Representatives of the Association “Heart for Children Suffering from cancer in FBiH” Lejla Kamerić expressed gratitude for the donation and to all the good people in helping the construction of the Parents’ House for whose completion an addition 700,000 BAM is necessary.


(Source: Fena/ photo oslobodjenje)

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