Nine Families received Apartments in the first social Building in Domaljevac

Yesterday in Domaljevac, the keys to nine social apartments in the building that was the first to be built in the federal part of Posavina were handed over through the State Housing Project within the regional housing program in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

The residential building with nine social apartments, whose keyswere handed over to the users in Domaljevac/Samac, made the Djukic couple happy, who are planning to start a family.

“So far, I have lived with my parents, of course. My dad died so I moved away from my family, I was a tenant so far. I want to create a family for survival in Domaljevac. I will not go abroad and start a family there, of course, “ said Anto Djukic, a resident of Domaljevac/Samac.

After thirty years, Niko Dankic, who was dislodged from his native Bisnja near Derventa in the 1992 war, finally got the apartment.

“When the war ended, we came here where we stayed and I am satisfied with what I have,” said Niko Dankic, an exile from Derventa.

The total value of the building of nine apartments for singles and families is almost 560 thousand marks without VAT and is financed from the Regional Housing Program.


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