None of Members of Bosnian Armed Forces in Afghanistan are infected with COVID-19


Following the information that four foreign members of the international coalition forces in the peace support mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan are positive on the coronavirus, Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina stated that none of members of Bosnian Armed Forces are infected.

All members of Bosnian Armed Forces currently on a mission to support peace in Afghanistan are in good health and not positive for the COVID-19 virus and none had contacts with the four foreign soldiers with whom this virus was registered.

As with the entire Armed Forces of BiH, all COVID-19 virus self-protection measures are taken for the members of the Bosnian Armed Forces serving in the mission in Afghanistan, and they regularly perform legally defined tasks.

Bosnian Armed Forces are participating in the “Decisive Support” peace support operation in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, with a total of 68 members.


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