Number of Employees in Visoko increased by 10 %

visokoMunicipality of Visoko recorded increase of the number of employees in the last 5 years. Last year, the number of employees amounted to 9,923, while in the 2011 the number of employees from the area of the municipality of Visoko was 9,019, which represents an increase of 10 %.

“The increase in the number of employees in the municipality of Visoko is a result of new investments, the opening of new production facilities and a result of the activities of the Municipality of Visoko on improving the business environment. Our plan for development of the municipality that we adopted and started implementing in late 2012, has been fruitful. In the past 3 years, together with businessmen and citizens of Visoko, we managed to make a turn in resolving the problem of opening of new workplaces, which is the biggest problem in the municipality and the whole country at the moment. Visoko has always been economic, industrial and trade center. We want to give Visoko former glory and I believe that we are on the right track,” said the Mayor of Visoko, Amra Babic.

The municipality of Visoko recorded the largest increase in the number of employees in the past 3 years, when on the end of last year, compared to 2012, the number of employees was increased to 723, which represents an increase of 7.85 %. During this period, from 2013 to 2015, holders of new investments in the area of the Municipality of Visoko, which resulted in an increase in the number of workplaces, were companies engaged in the field of leather and textile industries, “Alma Ras” Ltd. Visoko, Company D&U Ltd. Visoko, “Koteks” Ltd. Visoko, PJ Visoko and “Sinerga” Ltd Visoko.

“We had a couple of strategically directed activities in 2014 and 2015 that have a direct impact on this result. We joined the GOLD project of USAID, realized the project of implementation of the Regulatory reform and simplification of administrative procedures, as well as a number of projects aimed at improving agricultural production, especially the production of raspberries and strawberries. All of this had a direct impact on growth of the number of employees in this period. We see the further opportunity to develop and increase the number of workplaces in leather, textile, food and food production industry, as well as in the tourism sector and development of trade,” said Mayor Babic.


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