Official Opening of Ferhadija scheduled for May 7

12804197_1735850416651635_1385109076_nIn the Majlis of Islamic community of Banja Luka was held the meeting of the Organizing Committee for the opening of Ferhat Pasha’s mosque. The session was led by Dr. Osman ef. Kozlic, Mufti of Banja Luka.

“Today, preparations for the opening of Ferhadija mosque have officially started. It’s hard to say how many guests will be at the opening. We expect a great number. Number of the faithful at the opening it is difficult to predict, but it is important that we start with the final preparations in cooperation with all representatives of political, public and social life,” said Dr. Osman ef. Kozlic, Mufti of Banja Luka.

He added that the works on the mosque are brought to an end, and it is left to finish the surrounding arrangement, which will be done within the next two months.

From the Islamic Community of Banja Luka said that the opening of Ferhadija should be a turning point, turn and proof that life together is possible here.

“I am convinced that the opening of mosque in Banja Luka will pass in the best way possible. This is a great opportunity for the city of Banja Luka and the whole BiH to move in a different way. This is an opportunity to erase prejudices, and for Banja Luka to use it as its big chance, especially for tourism to attract tourists, and after the opening of Ferhadija to finally understand that Bosniaks are integral part of civil urban culture and in every other respect,” said Ramiz Salkic, the Vice President of RS.

“I believe that the Ferhadija and its construction is a new pillar of security when it comes to Bosniaks in Banja Luka. Its opening will infuse new confidence and added strength and support to the return process for sure. We have a significant number of Bosniaks here in Banja Luka but I am convinced that those people who currently live around the world, primarily in Scandinavia, will get new security and new energy to return to this city,” said Salkic.

Manifestation of official opening ceremony of Ferhat Pasha’s mosque is scheduled for the 7th of May – on the 23rd anniversary of its demolition.

(Source: E. B./Klix.ba)

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