Old-timers again in Sarajevo

plakat v4 update (Large)International Meetings of old-timer cars will be held this year in Sarajevo, in the period from 4 to 5 May, with the help of the sponsor – BH Telecom.

Fifty most interesting old-timers from Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and BiH will be present in the streets of Sarajevo.

Cars will ride through Sarajevo and for the first there will be cars with wooden wheels made by Ford in 1920, Dodge from 1921 and Chevrolet from 1930.

All fans of old cars and motors are invited to join the event and take a look on the well-kept cars.

The event will begin on 4 May in front of BBI Centre,  while the great city party will be held on 5 May at 1 p.m. in the square near National Theatre and citizens will have the opportunity to vote for the most beautiful car.

The organiser of the event is Old Timer Club Sarajevo who will also proclaim the winners.

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