Old Town Visoko was officially mentioned for the first Time 600 Years ago

old town VisokoOld town Visoki, under which archeologist Semir Osmanagic is today looking for the biggest and oldest pyramids in the world was mentioned for the first time 600 years ago in official records on 1st September 1355. Old town Visoki was mentioned in the charter of young ban Tvrtko I Kotromanic under the name “in castro nosto Visoka vocatum“.

Old town Visoki became the early center of the Bosnian kingdom, and six and a half centuries later, this place came to the center of the world public when archeologist Semiir Osmanagic said that one of the biggest and oldest pyramids in the world are laying under the Old town Visoki. Visoko became famous as the Bosnian valley of pyramids.

Old town Visoko is famous medieval town and fortress established during the 14th century at the hill Visocica. In its foothill, and at the same time foothill of Visocica, today is located Visoko city.

Old town Visoki is located on a prominent location with an excellent look to the entire environment. Access is located on the southwest side, with a plane located 60 meters lower, and the suburb of the fortress was called Podvisoki. Although historically important, old town Visoki was not big, it was around 60 m long and 25 m wide, and had two towers protecting its entire length.

The primary function of the old town Visok was the defensive one, but also it was a place from where Bosnian rulers wrote many charters and documents.

Today, Old town Visoki is a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(Source: nap.ba)

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