One of the Biggest Actions of Planting Trees in B&H Today

volonteri_cavljakOne of the biggest voluntary action of planting trees in B&H “Let’s do it – one million seedlings in 1 day” will be carried out today in more than 80 municipalities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The project leaders are associations of citizens “Ruke” from Sarajevo and “Mozaik prijateljstva” from Banja Luka.

The idea for this action “Let’s do it – one million seedlings in 1 day” derived from the fact that B&H do not take enough care of forests, which are one of the greatest natural resources of this country. The main objectives of the action are: to plant one million tree seedlings, to ensure the participation of at least 20.000 volunteers, to raise awareness and to educate the public on environmental protection and the importance of forest ecosystems.

In Sarajevo the action began by gathering in front of the National Museum at 9:00, from there about 350 volunteers went to the area of Čavljak, where the action will be implemented. Organizers are pleased and they have planned to plant 20.000 seedlings at that area.

(Source: Fena)

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