One of the greatest BH Writers Mesa Selimovic was born on this Day

Mesa Selimovic, one of the greatest BH writers, was born 109 years ago in Tuzla.

The most famous Selimovic’s books are Dervis i smrt, Tvrdjava, Tisine, Sjecanja, … that will permanently stay written n BH literary history.

Selimovic finished primary school and the grammar school in his hometown. In 1930, he enrolled the study of the Serbo-Croatian language and Yugoslavian literature at the Faculty of philosophy in Belgrade.

He has been elected for the president of the Writers’ Union of Yugoslavia, he was the Honorary doctor of the University of Sarajevo (1971), member of ANUBiH and SANU. He is a winner of numerous awards.

Selimovic died on 11th July 1982 in Belgrade.

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