Over 20,000 Euros of Fines for Pharmacies in Bosnia and Herzegovina because Increase in Prices


Teams of the Federal Market Inspectorate carried out 11 inspections on Saturday and identified 16 violations, which imply issuing 16 misdemeanor orders in the amount of 43,500 BAM, Avaz news portal reports.

The Federal Market Inspectorate has stepped up its oversight of the pricing and movement of prices for protective medical equipment – masks, gloves, disinfectants and other devices and equipment, as well as basic necessities of life for which demand has grown as a result of growing fears about own health.

Since the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic, the Federal Inspection Administration has put all its capacity into the function of protecting the population.

According to the reports of the Federal Market Inspectorate, mass unreasonable price increases have not yet been recorded. If so, the Federal Inspection Administration will propose to the Federal Ministry of Commerce and the FBiH Government a decision on prescribing direct price controls and organizing margins.

They warn that any abuses of consumer rights violations and conditions of free pricing and unreasonable price increases due to increased demand triggered by fear of citizens and the declaration of a coronavirus pandemic will be sanctioned.

The institution of Ombudsman of Bosnia and Herzegovina has called on retailers and service providers to act in accordance with good business practices during the epidemic crisis in BiH and not use the crisis to unreasonably increase the prices of goods and services, as well to refrain from other forms of consumer rights violations, Fena news agency reports.

The Institution stated it is necessary to ensure a regular supply, the functioning of the procurement system, as well as the performance of basic utilities, whose failure would result in an additional threat to the current situation.

Also, they urged consumers to act in accordance with the recommendations of the competent health authorities and other bodies at the level of local communities.

In the case of the procurement of goods, the expiry dates for food and other products should be taken into account, and that any new forms of infringement of their rights be reported to the competent consumer protection authorities and inspection bodies in order to act systematically.

Also, in case of cancellation of travel due to extraordinary circumstances that could not be predicted, avoided or eliminated, the organizer is obliged to reimburse the passengers for the amount paid, not including the compensation for damages.

โ€œIf the contract was canceled during the trip itself, then the organizer is entitled to fair compensation for the services provided to the consumer,โ€ said the Ombudsman Institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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