Over Three Millions BAM for the development of the Airport in Tuzla and Mostar

received_1735842079985802The Government of FBiH adopted four decisions on the expenditure of transfer funds for air traffic of FB&H.
By one of the decisions, for PC Tuzla Airport will be allocated 430.000 BAM that is intended to subsidize part of the material costs of operating.

In another decision, it is the amount of 1.570 000 BAM for the same airport, and the funds will be spent on improvement and upgrade of the approach lights, projects of construction of new terminal building with accompanying equipment, repairing of the trail for the takeoff and landing, and terminals for storage of aviation fuel and procurement of cargo equipment.

The same amount of 1.570.000 BAM was allocated for PC Mostar Airport, and the funds are planned for the purchase of vehicles and equipment for handling aircraft and passengers, equipment for the security service, computer equipment, the master plan – conceptual design, the reconstruction of the terminal building and upgrading the system of video surveillance, construction and establishment of a cargo center, projects and conceptual designs for the airport, as well as for firefighting equipment.

By the fourth decision, a total of 430,000 BAM was allocated for the Mostar Airport for current costs, property and personal insurance for the year 2016, the cost of energy, education staff, participation in fairs, the costs of the medical examination of employees and the ongoing maintenance of equipment (spare parts).

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