Parents decided to donate Organs of Deceased Little Girl from Tomislavgrad

organ donationYesterday, a six years old girl Bozana from Tomislavgrad passed away in clinical hospital Firule in Split, after she unfortunately did not survive the injuries from the traffic accident.

On the 20th of August 2016 at 4:25 pm, a traffic accident happened in the Stjepana Radica Street in Tomislavgrad which involved I.F. (1979), living in Tomislavgrad, who hit the girl, born in 2010 in Tomislavgrad while driving motor vehicle “Audi”.

The girl with serious injuries was transported to Health Center Tomislavgrad, and after receiving medical help she was transferred to the Clinical Hospital Firule in Split for further treatment.

Doctors in Split were fighting for her life, but they lost the battle on the end and she passed away. Her young parents Gabrijela and Josip Mioc, after realizing that they had lost the fight for the life of their daughter, decided to donate her organs, so that part of their daughter could live in six other children, whose lives will be saved.

Parents said that it was easier for them after that decision, so they told their decision to doctors.

Doctors thanked them and said that they were getting ready to suggest the same, but it is easier when parents make such a noble decision alone.

(Source: fokus.ba)

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