Parents in Canton Sarajevo ask from Ministry to hold Lessons Online

A group of parents sent an open letter to the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of the Sarajevo Canton, Anis Krivic, with a request that classes continue to be held online, due to the fear of coronavirus infection.

“On this occasion, we do not want to argue and present any arguments for or against any of the proposed variants. We would like to send you a request from a large number of parents in Canton Sarajevowho insist that their children continue to attend only online classes, for us no option that implies that our children go to school is acceptable. The reason is very simple, we believe that in the current circumstances, the issue of the health of children and members of their families is far more important than the issue of education as well as any other issues,” – the letter states.

They note that it is enough for one infected child to come to class in just one day and that as a result, in a few days or weeks, entire families become infected.

“Please do not make the worst-case scenario for children to infect their parents and for those parents with chronic diseases or weaker immunity to die and leave orphans behind. No education will bring back lost lives or joy to unhappy families. Dear Minister Krivic, please do not be subject to the interests of parents for whom children’s health is not a priority. Our goal is not to challenge anyone’s interests, but to respect the interests of those whom Covid-19 could prevent from ever embracing their child again. We do not want to go into anyone’s motives, but we want human lives to be saved,” it is written, among other things, in the letter. They say that their request is simple – to enable parents who want their children to attend school, to parents who want their children to attend online classes to enable it.

“In this way, we would have combined teaching and the interests of both groups of parents would be satisfied,” states this group of parents.

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