Participants of Peace March Continue the Journey Toward Olovo

UÈESNICI MARŠA MIRA IZ SARAJEVA KRENULI PREMA NEZUKUParticipants of Peace March “Sarajevo-Nezuk-Srebrenica” continued this morning their march in memory of thousand of Srebrenica people that in 1995 departed in a long journey more than 100 kilometers to find refuge in Tuzla.

The plan for second day of march is for participants to cross the route Draževići-Krivajevići-Bakići-Olovo.

“We departed this morning at 06:00 from the mounting house “Ozren” toward Olovo and we have 25 kilometers of trip are ahead us”, said for Agency Fena, one of organizers of Peace March Muhamed Papić.

He emphasized that 33 participants of this march should arrive by 19:00 at the house “Ponijerka”, in Olovo.

Participants of Peace March “Sarajevo-Nezuk-Srebrenica” departed yesterday in the morning from Sarajevo in a 8 day journey of more than 240 kilometers and will join the column of peace march “Nezuk-Srebrenica”, which departs from Nezuk on 8 July.

This is the third year that peace march from Sarajevo is organized by the Union and Organization of Fighters BH Telecom.

The journey is difficult but the intention and desire are stronger. With this march we want to send a message that war to never happen again”, emphasized Papić.

Some of participants are fasting but they will be adequately taken care for.

52 people participated last year in Peace March  “Sarajevo-Nezuk-Srebrenica”.

(Source: Klix.ba)




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