At which place is BiH when it comes to the Most Powerful Passports in the World?

passportA new study on the most powerful passports of the world for the year of 2017 has been published, and passport of Germany remained at the first place. From a total of 104 countries, which were included on the list, the passport of BiH was at the 53rd place.

Passports are certain kind of welcome in countries around the world, and the power of the passport is reflected in the number of countries that you can visit without the need to obtain the visa first.

The situation at the top has not changed in 2017, thus the passport of Germany remained at its position as the most powerful in the world, with which you can enter in 176 countries around the world without a visa.

At the second place is the passport of Sweden, which allows entry to 173 countries without a visa. At the third place is the passport of Denmark.

When it comes to the region, BiH is at the 53rd place, neighboring Croatia and Serbia are at the 21st and 43rd place while Montenegro is at the 53rd place.

Passports were ranked by the company Henley & Partners, which took into account in how many countries you can enter without a visa.

Of 20 countries whose citizens are able to move all around the world easily, all except Japan, Canada, and the United States are located in Western Europe.

At the bottom of the list is Afghanistan, whose citizens can travel in only 24 countries without a visa. Similar ranking have Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Somalia.

(Source: I. C./Klix.ba)

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