Play ‘Tabu Šema’ in café club ‘Gogo’ on 18 May

mona1On 18 May at 10 p.m., citizens of Sarajevo will have the opportunity to see the rerun of the play ‘Tabu Šema’ in production of Magacin Kabare, directed by Emir Kapetanović and starring Mona Muratović, Ena Kurtalić, Amy Danielson, Adnan Novo, costume is done by Gasha Miladinović, make-up and hair Elvir Bajrić and design by Ivan Hrkaš.

According to Magacin Kabare ”Tabu Šema” is ‘‘a play that you do not attend with your wife”. It is an erotic thriller that combines music, dance and stand-up comedy and reveals sexual taboos in the Balkan society.


(photo: magacinkabare)

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