Podzic: If the EU closes the borders, we can expect up to 100,000 refugees in B&H

podzicIf the EU eventually closes its borders, which is possible, B&H could face with e a problem, because then we could expect up to 100,000 Syrian refugees in our country, as emphasized after the meeting of the Joint Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly under the leadership of the Service for Foreigners.

Chairman of the Commission Sifet Podzic, expressed optimism regarding the preparedness of the relevant institutions and especially the Department for Foreigners’ Affairs.

“I think that we did a very good job, we made good operational plan, we learned from the experience of Serbia and Croatia, and I am sure that B&H will respond to a possible refugee crisis in the best way possible.”

It was announced that it is not known at the moment where and will be settled refugees if they come to B&H, but it would be the next step that will be taken and which will be forwarded to the Council of Ministers of B&H. Moreover, it was said that conference on security will be held during the next month.

“Citizens can be satisfied with the work of the Service for Foreigners. We are prepared and so called “Bottleneck” situation will not happen to us as it happened in Croatia. The only thing I’m worried about is where to place refugees, but we are working on it,” said Podzic in an address to the media.

(Source: klix.ba)

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