Poet Jozo Jakiša held a poetry reading night

Within the events before the holidays, and on the occasion of Christmas, a poetry reading with the poet Jozo Jakiša, entitled ” To Čapljina with love’’ was held last night at the ”TAU” gallery in Čapljina.

*Jozo Jakiša* is a famous poet from Čapljina who published several collections of poetry. He finds the inspiration for his songs in the ordinary day-to-day reality. Through his songs he talks about the most ordinary but most important themes in life, its social, economic and political sides.

He also talks about national and religious issues, about family values, the image of a mother, children, the River Neretva, Čapljina, Croatia, and about Herzegovina.

The frequent poetical opposition in his poetry are those of war versus peace, love and hate, humans and animals. His contemporaries frequently say that Jozo Jakiša is a poet that everyone likes to hear.

After the recital of his poems, Jozo Jakiša expressed his gratitude to all who came to this event. After his speech, Ljubomir Trtanj and Ernesto Markota handed him their art works as gifts for this wonderful occasion.

After the poetry reading session, an art exhibition was held by a young painter from Mostar, Željo Koren. The organizer and the host of this poetry reading night was the friar Mile Vlašić.


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