Police Teams arrested 29 Persons suspected of illegal Possession of Weapons

Police teams from Una-Sana Canton, Sarajevo Canton and Central Bosnia Canton searched 32 locations and arrested 29 people suspected of drug abuse and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition.

As part of the action, code-named “Network of Four”, 23 people were arrested in Zenica, two in Sarajevo and four in the Central Bosnia Canton, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Zenica-Doboj Canton stated.

Searches were carried out with the aim of finding and temporarily seizing items that could serve as evidence in further proceedings, as well as locating and arresting persons who are the target of the action. Some of the suspects are already in custody, and this police action is not over yet, so it can be expected that there will be more arrests.

Zenica-Doboj Canton Ministry of Interior spokeswoman Aldina Alic said that one person, who is also the target of the action, is already serving a prison sentence, that two people are in custody from the previous action for human trafficking, and that three people are being intensively traced, and that a search has been announced.

This action is a continuation of the operational actions “Network One”, “Network Two” and “Network Three”, which were conducted in 2016, 2017 and 2019, and in which dozens of searches were carried out, a large number of suspects were arrested, and significant quantities of narcotics, illegal weapons, money and other items originating from criminal acts committed by persons who were the target of operative actions were found and confiscated, it is stated in the announcement.

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