Pomozi.ba: Big Campaign of distribution of humanitarian Packages for the Refugees

Humanitarian Campaign for Refugees bhkrf.seThanks to the joint good will and humanity, WAHA International from Paris and Pomozi.ba from Sarajevo are organizing a campaign of providing medical help and distribution of humanitarian packages, in cooperation with Bima doctors’ association from Sarajevo, Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac from Belgrade, and the Association Sačuvajmo bebe from Belgrade on Saturday, October 17th 2015.

On that day, these organizations will be present at six checkpoints/border crossings (Sid, Presevo, Opatovac, Dimitrovgrad, Beremendi, and Tabanovce) where they will be providing help to the refugees from the Middle Eastern countries in terms of medical examinations, distribution of food, water, hygiene, and organizing entertainment for the children.

On this occasion, 2.000 basic hygiene packages, diapers, 1.570 raincoats, 2.000 cookie packages, 2.000 protein chocolates, 12.000 juices and water bottles provided by the Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac thanks to the donation of the Organization CRS will be distributed.

(Source: nap.ba)

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