After the Agreement between SDA and SBB: HDZ B&H becoming the strongest Party?

HDZ BiH Taking Majority in GFB&H avaz.baAfter publicizing the new coalition at the level of FB&H out of the agreement between the Party for Democratic Action (SDA) and the Alliance for Better Future (SBB), the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ BiH) B&H might benefit the most. Namely, if the announcements turn out to be true, HDZ BiH will soon have the most ministers in the Government of FB&H.

According to the reached agreement between SDA and SBB, all minister positions previously held by the personnel of the Democratic Front (DF) will be taken over by SBB. Thereby, the new party in the government will take over the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining, and Industry, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. One of four new ministers that the SBB is to appoint shall also assume the function of the Deputy President of the Government of FB&H.

According to the former agreement between SDA and DF, the Minister for the Issues of Veterans and Disabled Veterans of the Defensive-Liberation War was jointly appointed by these two parties, actually DF approved the appointing of the staff of SDA. It is not known whether there will be changes at the head of this ministry after the agreement between SDA and SBB.

The leader of SDA Bakir Izetbegovic offered to the Party for B&H (SBiH) to take over the Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts, currently headed by the member of SDA Amir Zukic.

If SBiH accepts this offer, SDA will have only five ministers in the Government of FB&H (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Displaced Persons and Refugees, Ministry for the Issues of Veterans and Disabled Veterans of the Defensive-Liberation War, Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management and Forestry, and the Ministry of Education and Science). Also, the Prime Minister Fadil Novalic who is a member of SDA is definitely staying at the head of the Government of FB&H.

On the other side, HDZ BiH, actually the parties gathered around the coalition of the Croatian National Party (HNS), could have the majority in the Government of FB&H soon. Therefore, HDZ BiH is to keep all six ministries (Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ministry of Physical Planning, and the Ministry of Health), as well as the position of the Deputy Prime Minister.

HDZ BiH will also be in the best position when it comes to the qualitative distribution of ministerial posts. Thereby, HDZ is to keep the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, which are included in the first category of the ministries when the distribution of posts is being made. From this category, SBB is to get the Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry, while the only ministry from this category which is to be headed by a member of SDA is the Ministry of Agriculture ,Water Management and Forestry.

As a reminder, at the House of Representatives of the Parliament of FB&H SDA has got 29 delegates, SBB 16, and the coalition of HNS 12 delegates.

(Source: klix.ba/ photo avaz)

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