Popular “Name Explain”: Why Bosnia and Herzegovina has two Names?

The popular YouTube Channel “Name Explain”, which is dealing with the origin of the names of countries, cities, oceans and historical figures, published a video and its main topic was the name of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the question of why our country has two names.

The video explained that the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina is Ivan Mountain, but it is a single nation. He also noted that Bosnia was mentioned for the first time in the work of Konstantin Porfirogenet, and the name itself originates from Bosna River. The river was named after the word Bos / Bogh, which means liquid water in Indo-European language of the ancestors.

For Herzegovina was explained that the origin of its name comes from the German word Herzog (Herceg in Bosnian language) and that it was a principality, and Stjepan Kosaca declared himself as the Duke of Hum and the coast. Hum was also called Zahumlje and it was located near the sea in the basin of Neretva River, and the current territory of Herzegovina and Croatia.

The author Peter Footer also recalled under whose rule BiH was, and that this is its name since its independence from Yugoslavia. He mentioned the word Bosgovina as a proposal of a unique name.

Besides BiH, two words in name also have Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Christopher and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Thomas and Princip, and Trinidad and Tobago.

YouTube Channel “Name Explain” has tens of thousands of subscribers and several million views.

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