The Positive Story: Armin and Haris as the First Participants from BiH on 4L Trophy

4L tropy4L Trophy is a humanitarian action inspired by “Paris-Dakar Rally” project, but it occurs behind the wheel of a specific car, “old timer” and phenomenal 4L Renault.

For the first time it is organized in February 1998 with three cars at the start. Today, the number of participants has increased considerably and it is not less than 4,000 students in 2000 4L vehicle starters on 18th February at the start line in Biarritz close to Bordeaux, and in the 18th edition of the “4L Trophy”.

The aim of project is not victory, first of all, humanitarian action. Crew, which consists of two students, will be tested greatly length of time, the diversity of the field, and all because of humanity and help to the children of Africa.


Two brothers’ goals and dreams


In an informal conversation Sarajevo Times had with brothers, participants of the 4L Trophy Team known as the Team no 675, several goals, aims and dreams of these boys were revealed.

“Our goal, as the first participants from Balkans, is to present our country, to show young people and give confidence, and thus to realize our dreams, make an unusual step in life. We want to show the world the Bosnian soul and shoulder to shoulder to move from the starting position with young people from all over Europe.”

When asked about his opinion Armin Alikadić, a 27 year old boy from Sarajevo, who is the driver, said: “I think any man desire to travel the world. Opportunity of this trip to have an adventure and humanity is a chance to not miss it.”

His partner in the race, Haris Alikadić (21) added: “Being a participant in a project like this fills my life completely. Humanity and adventure, for me represent a big step in my life and certainly an unforgettable experience.”

The route plan…

The program of crew:  9000 km road, from Bosnia and Herzegovina over the Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Italy to the highway and the mountains across the road of France, Spain, after by boat across Gibraltar, to the desert of Morocco and giant around and through many cities of Morocco, and to reach the final goal in Marrakesh after 15 day trip.

In addition, it is important to mention that these successful yet humble guys are really ambitious in attainment of their goals and presenting BiH in the best light possible. When asked about the budget they have and how much do they need to be on a par with other participants, they answered us that they need 2 000 more Euros.

For more information you can visit their official Facebook profile:

Good luck guys!



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