Positive Story: Parents donated their Daughter’s organs and saved six other Chilren

children SarajevoGabrijela and Josip Mioc from Tomislavgrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) are parents who donated the organs of their tragically deceased six-year-old daughter Bozana and in that way saved the lives of six other children. By this act, they will be honored by the Tomislavgrad Municipality.

The Municipal Council of Tomislavgrad will, at its next session, decide, inter alia, to make a decision whether parents Mioc will receive the medal of Tomislavgrad.

To recall, in August 2016, Bozana was hit by the car, after which she died at the Split Hospital after two days.

Her parents decided to donate her organs, which saved six other little children. This act is worth of every praise!

(Source: radiosarajevo)

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