Free Roaming for the European Union Members

Mobile Operators Prices klix.baAfter a decade of the increase in prices of roaming in the countries of the European Union, these days the roaming started to be free.

The process of “roaming” means that users are “in visit” to other mobile networks outside of their native countries, however, now the roaming rates will be equivalent to national mobile prices when they are abroad. On the other side, telecoms analysts still warn users to be cautious when using mobile Internet or data transfer.

International calls are not covered by roaming regulation and all existing rules continue to apply in accordance with the specific tariff.

Users are warned that Monaco and Gibraltar are not included in the list of countries, as well as possible additional billing of SMS messages and calls in cases of the so called fair usage, but in this case users will receive a notification before receiving additional fees.

(Source: klix)


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