Politician in Switzerland convicted of denying Genocide in Srebrenica

srebrenicaDonatello Poggi, a local politician in Ticino, a Swiss Canton, has recently been convicted of denying genocide in Srebrenica. Namely, after he was convicted in May 2016 in the first instance trial, he was convicted in the appeal as well.

The judges Giovanni Roggero, Giovanni Celio and Marco Frigerio recently condemned Poggi in the second instance trial for racial discrimination and denial of the genocide of Srebrenica, for publishing two texts on the Corriere del Ticino and TicinoLibero portals, where he refused to admit that there was a genocide in Srebrenica.

Namely, in Poggi’s case, the Court concluded he wrote his text in an extremely biased way, in favor of Serb victims, but without serious arguments and evidences, and this was in the end seen as an act of discrimination.

Poggi was sentenced to pay 45 days 110 francs, two years of imprisonment and a fine in the amount of 900 francs.

This second instance verdict is important because the court in Switzerland confirmed that genocide happened in Srebrenica, and this happened after the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) did the same.

(Source: klix)

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