Two Candidates from BiH enter the Bundestag

Adis Ahmetovic, a young German politician who comes from Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), was elected a member of the German parliament – the Bundestag.

It means that there will be two candidates from BiH in this convocation of the Bundestag because Jasmina Hotstert (nee Pasic) also entered the parliament.

Ahmetovic posted the good news on social networks.

“It’s over. This is amazing! Thank you all!”, member of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) Ahmetovic wrote last night on Instagram and Facebook, where he has already received a huge number of congratulations from both our citizens and Germans.

Ahmetovic was born in Germany. But, his parents are from BiHand he previously told the media that he was attached to our country.

The news that Ahmetovic entered the Bundestag was also published by the newspaper “Hannoversche Allgemeine”.

Adis Ahmetovic is the right hand of the Prime Minister of the Province of Niedersachsen. Young, but he has experience in politics. At the age of 15, he began organizing protests, representing students as a spokesman, and then joined the SPD.

In the beginning, it was just an observation and acquaintance with the structures and processes within the party, within Jusos – the SPD youth organization. At the age of 17, Adis became the vice-president of the SPD youth organization for the Hanover region, the largest in Germany in terms of membership, and started promoting the party and bringing in many young people who had no contact with politics before.

Over time, Adis became recognizable in society among the Social Democrats as well. His energetic approach was quickly noticed by Stephan Weil, the provincial prime minister, who brought him to his office, Klix.ba writes.


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