Preliminary Results of B&H Population Census: 3.791.662 People in B&H

popis_rezultatiPursuant  to  the  Article  37  of  the  Low  on Census  of  Population,  Households  and Dwellings in Bosnia and Herzegovina in  2013.(Official Gazette  20/12  and  18/13), the  BiH  Agency  for  Statistics  and   entity statistical offices are obliged to release the preliminary result  of  the  2013  Census  of  Population, Households  and  Dwellings  in  Bosnia and Herzegovina within 90 days of the completed  enumeration.

Data  on  the  total  number  of  enumerated persons refers to  all  persons for  whom the Personal Questionnaire (P‐1 form) was filled in. Given  the  fact  that  it  could  has  happened that the same person was included twice in the  preliminary  results  that  is,  first  in  the settlement where his/her household lives and second  in  a  place  he/she  works  or studies, this double enumeration shall be eliminated in the Census final results after the completed data processing.

According  to  the  preliminary  results  of  the Census  in Bosnia and Herzegovina the total number of enumerated persons is 3.791.622, out  of  which:  in  the  Federation  B&F 2.371.603  persons;  in the  Republika  Srpska 1.326.991 persons, and in Brcko District B&H  93.028  persons. According  to  the  preliminary  results  of  the 2013 Census  of  Population, Households and Dwellings in Bosnia and Herzegovina the total number  of  enumerated  households  is 1.163.387,  out  of  which:  in  the  Federation B&F    721.199    household;  in the  Republika Srpska  414.847    household,  and  in  Brcko District B&H  27.341  household. The  average  household  in  Bosnia  and Herzegovina consists of 3,26 members; in the Federation  B&H  3,29  members;    in  the Republika Srpska 3,20 members, and in Brcko District B&H 3,40 members.

Municipality with the largest population in B&H is Banja Luka with 199.191 people, followed by Novi Grad municipality in Sarajevo with 124.471 people.

The Canton with the highest population in the FB&H is Tuzla Canton with 477.278 people.


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