Premiere of the First B&H Kung-Fu Film

kungfuThe premiere of the first B&H film with kung-fu motifs “Gorčina osvete” will be screened on 19 December at the Bosnian Cultural Center in Tuzla.

The film “Gorčina osvete” is dedicated to the memory of the legendary Bruce Lee, who died 40 years ago.

The director of the film Damir Pirić points out that the idea for this film came from Sadik Karahasanović and Emir Tupković.

“The film follows the tradition of the kung-fu films and the title itself reveals the theme and the idea and the film is sort of a revenge. The film Gorčina osvete is a Bosnian story, accompanied by motives, dialogues and actions as a real Chinese kung-fu film. This film is about an unknown soldier who comes to a village with the goal of saving the village”, stated the Director Damir Pirić

 The main hero of the film “the soldier Gorčin” is from B&H. In the film two traditions are harmonized-Bosnian and Chinese.

The actions take place around Tuzla .

The premiere of kung-fu film “Gorčina osvete” will be shown on 19 December at 20.00 at the Bosnian Cultural Center in Tuzla.


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