Preparations began for the Construction of a new Church in Bratunac

The mayor of Bratunac municipality, Srdjan Rankic, with the blessing of Metropolitan Chrysostom of Dabro-Bosnia, yesterday launched an initiative to build a cathedral and a central memorial for, as stated, victims of genocide against the Serb people of Bratunac and the middle Podrinje in the 20th century, as was announced from the Rankic’s office.

Rankic announced the adoption of a decision on changing the Regulatory Plan for the settlement of Bratunac, where the mentioned temple and memorial will be built.

“This temple will be built in the central part of this place and will be a monument to all our martyrs, who were killed only because they were Orthodox Serbs, and will be a symbol of the resurrection of the Serbian people,” it was added in the statement.

The statement further mentioned that after the removal of the Orthodox Church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist in Konjevic Polje, in this territory and beyond, there was public outrage as well as the potential inter-ethnic tensions and that the statements of Bosniak politicians contributed to all of this.

“Euphoria and enthusiasm for the demolition of the Orthodox church is not the right way to deal with this delicate situation. The real challenge is to jointly build and serve progress, and not to demolish, especially not religious buildings,” Rankic stressed.

He pointed out that these events strengthened and united the Serbian people in the fight for truth and justice.

“Together, we will build a new temple that will be resurrected on the love, unity, and pride of the Serbian people, and which no one will be able to tear down,” told the Bratunac mayor, adding that he was especially pleased that a large number of people appeared after Saturday’s event in Konjevic Polje. They wanted to donate their land to build a temple on the new site, but also to help in any other way.”

While thanking everyone, Rankic said that yesterday morning he received a blessing for the construction of the temple from the Metropolitan of Dabro-Bosnia Chrysostom and that the realization starts from this moment.

“This morning, the municipality of Bratunac opened dedicated accounts for the payment of funds, and anyone who wants to help can do so directly by paying into the account, fundraising campaign, disseminating information on the construction of the temple, donor evenings, creating standing orders, or in any other way it seems appropriate. All of this is planned in order for the realization of this God-inspired and blessed construction to start as soon as possible, ” noted Rankic, Klix.ba writes.


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