President of Croatia will visit Konjic and Mostar today

Today, as a part of two day visit to BiH, president of Croatia Ivo Josipović will visit Konjic and Mostar.

Josipović will first visit Konjic and see an exhibition of Edo Murtić which is set in the newly opened gallery in the former bunker near Konjic, and at 1 p.m. he’ll meet with Chairman of BiH Presidency Nebojša Radmanović in Mostar hotel ‘Bevanda’.

At 8 p.m. Josipović will attend the solemn award ceremony of ‘Večernjakov pečat’ in Croat House ‘Herceg Stjepan Kosača’.

Josipović started his visit to BiH by visiting Kraljeva Sutjeska, and on that occasion he said that the future of the entire region is in the EU, and that when it joins it will give a new dimension of cooperation of people.

After his visit to Franciscan monastery and museum in Kraljeva Sutjeska he noted that he’s impressed with its value and significance.

Josipović met with member of Franciscan community and with representatives of local government in Central Bosnia in municipalities where Croats make majority, and talked about their hardships and manners in which Croatia could help them.

Josipović said that it is clear that the biggest problem in those municipalities, as everywhere else, is the lack of jobs, and the membership in the EU will alleviate those hardships.

‘There is a problem of division, but the emphasis is on the joint problem, which is unemployment and economy’, said Josipović.

He noted that when Croatia becomes the EU member it will become a different partner to BIH, including the economy.

‘I do hope that we’ll have enough wisdom to use our membership as a joint advantage before BIH becomes a member’, said Croatian president.

After his visit to Kraljeva Sutjeska he visited Sarajevo where he met with members of BIH Presidency Željko Komšić and Bakir Izetbegovović and they together visited SOS Children’s Centre in Mojmilo, which was the demand by Josipović who added that the project of SOS is something that surpasses borders and it is a regional project.

‘The nobleness of this project surpasses all borders, and it deemed important to me to show this solidarity towards children abroad. Presidents Komšić and Izetbegović do in BiH the same job I do in Croatia and I think that this was an opportunity to show them that inter-state cooperation has a noble heart’, said Josipović.

Members of BiH Presidency and Josipović visited one SOS Family and gave them gifts.

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