President Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to Europe to promote China-Europe ties

[wzslider]President Xi Jinping’s upcoming trip to Britain will promote both China-Britain and China-Europe ties, according to a signed article to be carried in the People’s Daily on Monday.

Xi will pay his first state visit to Britain from Oct. 19 to 23. The trip is the first visit to Britain by a Chinese president in a decade, marking a key diplomatic exchange with Europe, the article said.

It reviewed that China-Britain cooperation has created numerous records. Britain was the first Western country to join the China-proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, to issue RMB-denominated sovereign bond, and to support the inclusion of the RMB in the IMF’s SDR currency basket.

Britain is China’s top destination for investment in Europe. Last year, Chinese enterprises launched 112 projects in Britain, creating nearly 6,000 new jobs locally.

For Europe as a whole, the European Union has been China’s largest trading partner for 11 consecutive years, and China is the European Union’s second largest trading partner.

Last year witnessed 6 million mutual visits between people from China and Europe, equaling 16,000 visits every day, for the first time outnumbering that between China and the United States.

As China is deepening an all-around reform, the Europe is also undergoing structural reform. Therefore, both sides share a lot of common interests and cooperation sectors potential for future growth along the road of their respective reforms, according to the author of the article, Guo Jiping.

Now, with the China-proposed Belt and Road initiative, China-Britain and China-Europe cooperation face more opportunities than ever, the article said.

The article also called for mutual understanding and an open mind.

“Due to differences in social systems and ideologies between China and Western countries, the bilateral relationship is tarnished by some noises, or even disturbances and sabotage.”

China and Europe should boost mutual understanding and trust, and seek common ground while shelving differences, the article said.


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