Prevent Company starts Production for Aston Martin Brand

In the first quarters of this year, Prevent Components company has significantly expanded its production capacity and achieved new markets.

Most importantly, the cooperation with the world-renowned premium brand Aston Martin has been expanded, and Prevent will produce plastic components for the interior of the vehicle.

Prevent company stated that the high standards and technology Aston Martin uses, and the specificity of component design make this collaboration very important and is in the same time, a confirmation of the quality and expertise of the Prevent Component team.

Prevent Components has launched new projects for brands such as Volvo, Land Rover and Jaguar, where it has positioned itself as a reliable and high-quality supplier of plastic components for the interior of the vehicle.

The director of the company Enes Hadziahmic stated that with new projects, employment of new employees is planned.

At the beginning of 2018, the company finished the construction of a new production hall of 10,800 m2 and invested in the development of new technologies in the segment of plastic and polyurethane processing.

Prevent Components company operates at two locations, Srebrenica and Goražde, with 200 employees working, exporting the products to Europe, Asia, Africa and America.


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