Prices of Mobile Phone Services in B&H to be reduced?

Mobile Services Prices bportal.baPrices of mobile phone services in B&H might be reduced soon. Namely, in June last year the House of Representatives considered the information from the Regulatory agency for communications (RAK) regarding the prices of mobile phone services in B&H and concluded that the citizens of B&H pay the highest price for services of mobile operators in the region.

On this occasion, RAK held a consultative meeting with representatives of telecom operators last week. After the meeting, it was concluded that the telecom operators must declare on the proposed draft measures within fourteen days.

Telecom operators are unanimous, they will respond within the prescribed period, although the proposed measures change numerous plans of the companies. They say this is a very complex issue which requires detailed analysis, and that the proposed measures significantly change the business environment.

The company m:tel states that, despite the fact that this will significantly change plans for this business year, they will certainly state their position timely, within the prescribed period, and that they will keep operating in accordance with the law and readily adjust to all regulatory decisions.

HT Eronet, as a socially responsible company, supports all initiatives launched with the intention to offer telecommunication services to the citizens of B&H which are on the level of European standards. In order to enable this, HT Eronet invests more than 50 million BAM annually in the development of infrastructure and, thereby, is directly a launcher of economic development of Herzegovina and the entire country.

Representatives of BH Telecom also attended the consultative meeting in RAK and accepted the obligation to declare themselves regarding the mentioned request from the Parliament of B&H within 14 days. Of course, the public will be timely informed and BH Telecom will perform in full accordance with regulates.

(Source: akta.ba)

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