Project “Park Šume Prijateljstva” (Forest Park of Friendship)

The project “Park šume prijateljstva” at the site Grdonj (municipality Stari Grad Sarajevo) was created as a collaborative cooperation between the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Forestry of the FBiH (UŠIT) and the General Directorate for Forestry of Turkey.

The forestry official delegation visited Turkey in 2011 where they agreed on implementing the project “Park šume prijateljstva” as a symbol of BiH-Turkey friendship and cooperation.

Experts from Turkey, in cooperation with experts from KJP “Sarajevo- šume”, Board of Forestry and the Association of Engineers and Technicians of Forestry FBiH visited in the same year the site intended for the Park in Grdonj, after which the General Directorate “Turkish forests” in Ankara made the project design.

“Park šume prijateljstva” in Grdonj is around 6 hectares and will have two entrances with specially designed gates.

The park will have a magnificent view of Sarajevo and trails, and amphitheater that could hold 80 visitors and space for exercise equipped with modern equipment. There is also expected to be a café-restaurant around 308 m with a terrace.

Also, there will be space for a picnic area, a children’s play area with modern furniture, fountains, and a refrigerator. Along the walkway a wooden bridge will also be constructed and will be 10 meters long.

The entire walkway will have a sufficient number of waste bins, guidelines and warning signs. The park will have public lighting.

Firefighting devices were installed, and soon there will be a souvenir store and reception area.

The Turkish Administration will carry out the technical realization of the project for International Cooperation (TIKA) with headquarters in Sarajevo.

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