Promotion of the book ”Majčina Ruka”

Igor Marojević’s book “Majčina ruka” was promoted last night at the National Library ” Filip Višnjić” in Bijeljina. The author said that this is the 20th promotion of the same novel, and that he is very happy that it achieved to raise positive and negative criticism.

”The novel is a Bildungs roman of the main character, who has a dream to free himself of innocence, so he falls in love with two German ladies, Herta and her sister Sonja”- said Marojević.

According to the author, the novel talks about a love triangle that also witnesses a disturbing family story. Igor Marojević was born in 1968 in Vrbas. He graduated at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.He also published ” Obmana boga”, ” Žega”, “Šnit” and multiple other short story collections and dramas.

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