Prosecutor’s Office of BiH orders One Month Custody for Darko Elez

The suspect Elez Darko (1980) was extradited from the Republic of Serbia to Bosnia and Herzegovina three days ago.

The activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina were carried out by the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior, the Judicial Police of BiH, the State Investigation and Protection Agency-SIPA, the Border Police of BiH and the Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Interior.

After his extradition, Elez was transported under high security measures to the complex of judicial institutions of BiH, where he was handed over to the case’s prosecutor of the Special Department for Organised Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption of the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

After interviewing the suspect, the prosecutor decided one month custody for Elez.

The extradition of the suspect Elez Darko was carried out through joint work and good cooperation between the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Serbia, with the coordination of the international organisation Interpol.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH thanks all the institutions that participated and provided support in the implementation of this operation.

Darko Elez is one of the accused in the “Puppet” case, in which the accused were prosecuted for murder, attempted murder, money laundering and other criminal offences, while the accused Elez was unavailable, and the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH is also working on a large organised-crime case relating to the suspect Elez and other persons under investigation for serious criminal offences of organised murder, extortion and other criminal offences in the area of East Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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