Protests for Support to Davor Dragicevic to be held in Four BiH Cities and in Serbian Capital

How much influence has every tear and the word of Davor Dragicevic on the public, not only in BiH but in the region, confirms the fact that protests are organized not only in Banja Luka but also in Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Tuzla.

Residents of Tuzla have decided to go out for a peaceful protest and thus support Davor and Suzana Dragicevic in their struggle against the system that took their son.

They will gather on Wednesday (today) at Solni Trg in Tuzla at 6 pm, and together, they will protest against injustice.

Today, at 12 o’clock, in front of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, residents will gather to support parents of tragically deceased David Dragicevic, under the slogan “Heart for David” and for the moment its presence has been confirmed by almost 400 people.

“The event is organized on the occasion of the arrest of father and mother of David Dragicevic, a young man killed in Banja Luka, who have been protesting for almost a year because their son’s death is covered up by the ruling structures of Republika Srpska”, was stated by organizers.

They made an event called “The Heart for David” on Facebook, where thousands of people said they were interested and nearly 400 people said they will actually attend the gathering.


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