Purchase of New Cars, Furniture in Parliament of BiH, what is next?

After the purchase of new cars, carpets, furnitureandother equipment in the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, it was the turn of construction works in the cabinets. 

In this way, the highest legislative body in the country, which, however, very rarely passes laws, has continued the practice of squandering public money for its own needs. Namely, the Collegium of the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH accepted the recommendation of the Procurement Commission and decided to assign construction and craft works in the cabinets to the company Intercom Zenica. 

After the e-auction, their price of 6,300 without VAT was rated the best. 

The Parliament of BiH states in the explanation that the public procurement procedure was initiated on the basis of the decision from October last year and the changes from January this year. The public procurement was conducted through a competitive request for submission of bids, and the estimated value of the public procurement is 9,970.74 BAM with VAT. 

It should be reminded that, despite the pandemic and the difficult economic situation, the BiH Parliament has not given up numerous privileges, so lately they have been spending a lot of public money for their personal needs. 

Among them are three expensive BMWs, paid more than 330,000 BAM. 

During that time, both houses of the BiH Parliament rarely sit, and in the rare moments when that happens, there are no concrete effects of their work. Apart from sessions, most parliamentarians rarely come to the building, which was vividly described a few days ago by Sasa Magazinovic, an SDP MP in the House of Representatives, Klix.bawrites.

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