Pusina: RSNA throws a Glove in the Face of International Community

jusufPresident of the Forum of Bosniak Intellectuals Jusuf Pušina said that the adoption of the decision to call a referendum on the work of the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina at yesterday’s session of the National Assembly of RS, is a glove in the face, not only of the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina Valentin Inzko, but also the entire international community.

He said this at the debate on the topic “Dodik’s policy of breaking up Bosnia and Herzegovina and how to stop him” which was held today in Sarajevo organized by Forum of Bosniak Intellectuals.

Some of the topics which were discussed at the forum are Dodik’s denial and ignorance of Dayton PA, his announcement of a referendum for secession of RS and his “evolution from a democrat to a nationalist and Vučić’s evolution from a nationalist into a democrat.”

A professor at the Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo, Suad Kurtćehajić stressed that BiH cannot have sovereignty without the Court and the Prosecutor’s Office and the High Representative is the sole interpreter of the civilian part of the Dayton PA.

Therefore, he said, RS does not have the right to decide on the jurisdiction of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the High Representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina has already ruled on it, and the decisions also passed the parliamentary procedure.

“If RS as an entity can decide on certain matters then the Federation of BiH has the right to hold a referendum on whether its citizens support the abolition of RS, whose army and police committed genocide in Srebrenica,” said Kurtćehajić.

He concluded that Dodik’s policy is a very dangerous one because he is in violation of the Dayton Agreement and therefore HR Inzko has to stop him by using all political means.

(Source: Fena/ photo bhindex)

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