R. Daviddi: Necessary to Implement “Sejdić-Finci Case

The EU Delegation to BiH will try in the next few weeks to revive the process in implementing the “Sejdić-Finci’’ case, and all political leaders and decision makers from BiH agreed that the deadline should be March, said the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Renzo Daviddi.

He said that this question represents an obstacle to the further progress of BiH’s path to the EU, and that there is no time to lose in solving this issue.

‘’We tried many times to resolve this issue, but we did not succeed. We wish to gather different actors in this process in order to see whether we can in some way facilitate the process and come up with a solution’’, said Daviddi for the daily newspaper ‘’Glas Srpske’’.

Commenting on the new powers that the EU has given to the Head of the EU Delegation and the Special Representative of the EU to BiH Peter Sorensen, Daviddi says that the end goal is not to simply grant more powers.

‘’The mandate of the Special Representative is already clear and is given enough powers. It is about the instruments and tools that are already available, and which are already available to the special representative. Some of those instruments include the sanctioning of certain things or proposing concrete measures related to specific individuals. However, there is more space for intervention in terms of providing assistance, budgetary support or projects on which we are working’’, said Daviddi.

He said that during his visit to Brussels, the Special Representative was encouraged to be engaging in order to help solve the “Sejdić-Finci”, which together with a coordination mechanism represents an obstacle to enter into force the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

He assessed that the suggestion to postpone the BiH census is justified, but that it is essential to be done by October, and that the abolition of the visa-free regime is only possible as long as the problem of false asylum seekers continues and escalates.

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