Radojičić and Krivokapić Speak About Political and Economic Developments

The President of the National Assembly of the RS, Igor Radojičić, spoke yesterday in Kotor with the President of the National Assembly of Montenegro, Ranko Krivokapić, announced from Radojičić’s cabinet.

In a long and cordial meeting, the two informed one another of the political and economic developments in the RS, BiH and Montenero.

Krivokapić informed Radojičić of the activities of the new government of Montenegro, on the preparations for the presidential election in the country and of actual economic developments and the progress of Montenegro towards the EU. He said that Montenegro, out of the countries in the region that currently aspire to become a member state of the EU, is making the best progress.

Radojičić talked about the developments in the RS and in BiH, of the current political developments, stalled talks on EU membership and difficulties that the entire region faces.

Several concrete issues between the two were mentioned, and they concluded that it would be good if the governments established communication between one another, and to solve the issue of temporary employment of people who are looking for seasonal work, as well as the problem that occurs with rafting on the river Tara.

They also spoke about energy projects that would benefit both countries and the region.

Cooperation between the political parties and collaboration with left parties was also discussed.

The Minister of Finance of the RS, Zoran Tegeltija also attended the meeting.

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