Reception for Commander of NATO Headquarters in the Presidency of B&H

receptionMembers of the Presidency of B&H received the commander of NATO Headquarters in Sarajevo, Brigadier General Giselle M. Wilz.

Topic of the meeting was the continuation of cooperation between NATO and B&H, and issues related to defense reform in B&H. The need to continue the reform process in B&H was emphasized, which is including the fulfillment of conditions for activating the Membership Action Plan (MAP) in NATO.

Members of the Presidency of B&H confirmed the commitment of B&H to fulfill the conditions for activation of MAP, and expressed their willingness to continue with the reform in the structure of Defense and Armed Forces of B&H on that way.

They also expressed their gratitude to the members of NATO for their continuing support and efforts that they put in B&H, as well as for their cooperation with the Armed Forces of B&H.

They concluded at the meeting that the cooperation of the Armed Forces of B&H with NATO is intensive and it shows significant progress, which was confirmed with successful and continued participation in NATO operations.

General Wilz expressed commitment of NATO to support B&H to achieve its aspirations towards Euro-Atlantic integration, with closer cooperation with NATO.


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