B&H Alpinist Adis Cingic to climb on Mount Kilimanjaro

Andrea_Curea6Adis Cingic from Sarajevo is realizing something that is the dream of many alpinists like him – a project “the Seven Summits”- the seven continents. After four world expedition in which he participated in past years, Cingic is just preparing to go on Kilimanjaro. At the same time, he is trying in every way to draw attention to the beauty of B&H mountains through his association “Stopa”. He is one of the most respected mountain guides in our country, who knows all the secrets of local trails. Your next stop is Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak of Africa. What is the greatest challenge of Kilimanjaro?

Cingic: Kilimanjaro is the third peak, on which we should go on the 4th of February, if we gather enough funds. It is located in Tanzania on 5895 meters above sea level high. There should be no technical difficulties and the biggest problem might be the height, because problems with a lack of oxygen are starting from 4000 meters. Our team is from all over the region and it should be about fifteen of us in the group. Three of us are going from Sarajevo: Andrea Curea, Samer Hajric and me. What is it about mountain climbing that attracts you so much?

Cingic: I am personally attracted by expeditions, because of my constant desire to travel and the feeling of freedom when I’m in the mountains, far away from civilization. Then you start to deal with elementary things – how to survive, what to eat, how to save energy for the continuation of your trip, how not to get sick, how to preserve heat etc. And what are your plans after Africa?

Cingic: I will still continue to train and climb and I hope that my dream will come true. After Kilimanjaro, I wish to go to North America and try to climb on Denali, 6194 meters above the sea level.

But first I have to find a company that would fund the project “The Seven Summits” because it would be impossible to realize all this without their help.

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