New Sofas, Kitchen and Cupboards in Saburina House

works5The third and fourth phases of renovation and restoration of residential units of Saburina house, which was declared as national monument in 2006, was completed.
The first phase of the restoration of Saburina house was done in 2013 and the second phase in 2014.
As confirmed from the Service for investments, planning and analysis of the Municipality renovation of the third and fourth phase, which started in November 2015, was completed according to the planned dynamics of works.

As part of the third phase were done construction and craft works. The fence street wall was repaired as well as the entrance gate, and a new roof was set over the entire length of the wall.

Part of the fourth stage included the interior works. New kitchen was installed, new sofas were placed in the top chamber, as well as radiator covers, and dolafs (protection for boilers).
Around 57,900 BAM was allocated for these works, and the contractor was company Neimari from Sarajevo.


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