Trebinje to get New Hotel and Tourist Complex

modelTrebinje will soon be richer for another hotel and tourist complex, as announced yesterday from the Office of the Mayor of Trebinje, after the Decision on regulation plan was adopted, they will start with the construction. It is a tourist complex called “Trebinje vrtovi sunca (Trebinje Sun Gardens)” which will be constructed on the road to Mile, local community Gorica 2.

As agreed, the first phase of construction will include the construction of the restaurant, the surroundings and supporting facilities worth 1 million EUR, and in the second phase hotel will be constructed with accommodation capacity of 100 beds, including the accompanying sports and recreational facilities.

Beginning of works is planned for the 8th of February, with completion in July 2016. The foundation stone will be set up on the 8th of February 2016 at 11.00 a.m., at the site in Mile.

The complex “Trebinje Sun Gardens” will be employing around 40 citizens of Trebinje.


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